Stephen Crabbe Consulting (SCC) is specialised in supporting organisations in their innovation processes through the implementation of co-operative international multidisciplinary research, development and innovation (RD&I) projects.

Co-operative international multidisciplinary RD&I projects are characterised typically by: organisations from at least three different countries (but usually more); combinations of large industry, small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs), public and none profit organisations; technology, social science and user expertise; multi-million EURO budgets; and often public co-funding. The process of preparing and implementing a RD&I project through to the market launch of products based on project results is also a medium to long-term endeavour, typically of a duration of at least five to ten years.

The most striking benefits of co-operative international multidisciplinary RD&I projects are: they work as a catalyst for advanced business innovation; cost and risk sharing; focussed solutions on complex societal and user needs; prestige; new customers; and business alliances for marketing, distribution and further RD&I.