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Autonomous Maritime Surveillance System

Brief Summary:

The concept of the AMASS project was to develop a surveillance system for the observation and security of wide critical maritime areas in order to reduce actual and potential illegal immigration and the trafficking of drugs, weapons and illicit substances.

The objectives of the project were to carry out the key research and technological development work which could lead to engineered products following the completion of the project comprising of, for example, a network of unmanned platforms located a considerable distance from shore.

The project successfully designed a complete system consisting of a number of integrated modules, including: flotation platform, optronics, hydrophones, communications, power management, image exploitation and command and control. Initial test and evaluation was carried out in the Atlantic Ocean off Gran Canaria and these together with further simulation proved the concept of the system.

The platforms had to be designed to detect small boats both during the day and at night. Each platform was designed to be fitted with cutting-edge sensors and to operate self-sufficiently, i.e. without the need for manual intervention. Data captured by the sensors is transmitted to a central command centre, where an operator views it on screen. If a suspicious entity is detected, a crew can be dispatched to investigate.

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Project details:

Framework Programme Security
1 March 2008 to 31 August 2011
Budget: 5.465.308,86 EUR