Co-operative international multidisciplinary RD&I projects are typically focussed towards solutions for complex societal and user needs. In order to develop solutions which have the strongest potential for market launch and success it is vital to set development requirements based on a thorough analysis of user needs, technological possibilities, socio-economic parameters and RD&I resources available. Equally, before initiating the last steps to market it is vital to understand how successful a RD&I project has been in achieving the development requirements. We help to ensure the right development requirements are set and that the solutions developed in answer to the requirements are tested and documented comprehensively with structure and integrity.

RD&I Usability includes to:

  • Identify RD&I potential to improve solutions available to users
  • Identify user needs and possibilities for even further improved functionality based on RD&I potential
  • Identify limitations to develop marketable solutions
  • Formulate precise, focussed development requirements
  • Review and agree updates to development requirements during RD&I
  • Identify test and evaluation requirements
  • Design test and evaluation phases
  • Carry out usability tests and provide feedback to development process
  • Moderate consortium test and evaluation assessment
  • Iteratively adapt test phases based on results of previous phases
  • Objectively evaluate and document development success against development requirements
  • Assess how far developed solutions have been demonstrated as ‘fit for purpose’
  • Identify further development requirements as input to implementing last steps to market