A selection of running and completed multidisciplinary projects to which we have contributed our expertise:

progressPROGRESS - Security of ground based infrastructure and assets operating space systems
Web_Project_Logo_3DF3D-FORENSICS - Mobile high-Resolution 3D-Scanner and 3D data analysis for forensic evidence
besecureBESECURE - Best Practice Enhancers for Security in Urban Regions
Web_Project_Logo_VVVITRUV – Vulnerability Identification Tools for Resilience Enhancements of Urban Environments
fastidFASTID – FAST and efficient international disaster victim IDentification
amass logoAMASS – Autonomous Maritime Surveillance System
Web_Project_Logo_RADIOTECT_pageRADIOTECT – Ultrawideband RADIO application for localisation of hidden people and deTECTion of unauthorised objects
RHEOFILMRHEOFILM - Advanced rheologic & tribologic characterisation of micro/nano scale fluid films and solid thin films
biosens2BIOSENS- Vapour detection, area reduction in demining
demand2DEMAND -Enhancement of three existing technologies and data fusion algorithms for the test and DEmonstration of Multi-sensor lANdmine Detection techniques