Ultrawideband RADIO application for localisation of hidden people and deTECTion of unauthorised objects

Brief Summary:

The RADIOTECT project was focussed on supporting Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs) to become more innovative through cooperation with leading research and technological development organisations (RTOs) in the specific area of wideband radio for the detection of hidden people and objects. The main overall achievements were in summary:

A high resolution radar prototype working with the M-Sequence technique was developed to enable security forces to detect persons hidden behind walls and a high resolution radar prototype also working with the M-Sequence technique was developed to enable rescue forces to detect persons trapped under rubble.

A further high resolution radar prototype working with the sub-nano second impulse technique was developed which demonstrates the ability to detect movement including heart beat and breathing also for security or rescue applications.

3 prototype systems working with the sub-nano second impulse radar technique up to 18 GHz were developed to investigate the challenge of imaging objects hidden behind clothes.

These achievements were enabled through advances in the state of the art for radar electronics and algorithms for person detection and tracking and localisation.

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Project details:

Framework Programme 6
1 January 2007 – 30 June 2009
Budget:  € 2.303.099,00


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