FAST and efficient international disaster victim IDentification

Brief Summary:

The project delivered an advanced prototype international Missing Person and Unidentified Bodies (MP/UB) and Persons Unable to Identify themselves (PUI) system with a virtual training programme to support international police cooperation both following disasters and for operational policing outside of disasters.

The system provides matching capabilities for all three primary identifiers (dental, DNA and fingerprints) and further secondary identifiers (text and images) used for MP/UB reconciliation. The virtual training programme and features within the system offer the potential for greater commonality of approach based on good practice.

A Microsoft Silverlight Rich Internet Application (RIA) was chosen as a basis to develop the core of the MP/UB prototype.

The system was successfully integrated with a test platform to validate the possibility to access it through The International Criminal Police Organization – INTERPOL’s INSYST portal (INTERPOL’s authentication system for users). The system was also integrated with INTERPOL’s I-link system (a dynamic web application that allows officers in member countries to manage their data directly and standardises the format of the data exchanged) to request fingerprint matches and to provide data for the issuing of Yellow (missing persons and persons unable to identify themselves)) and Black Notices (unidentified bodies).

A comprehensive set of user roles and connected rights were implemented reflecting the breadth of users foreseen to access the system. The identification workflow covers all the steps involved in identifying a missing person, connecting body parts or handling AM, PM or PUI duplicates; starting with the assumed identity of the two files, file disclosure handling, the comparison report, and the acceptance of the identification report.

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Project details:

Framework Programme Security
1 April 2010 to 31 March 2013
Budget: 2.990.190,24 EUR


S. Crabbe, P. Ambs, S. Black, C. Wilkinson, J. Bikker, N. Herz, D. Manger, R. Pape and H. Seibert;Results of the FASTID project; 8th Future Security, Security Research Conference Proceedings; M. Lauster (Eds.), (ISBN 978-3-8396-0778-7), p. 399-408, Berlin, 2013.