Advanced rheologic & tribologic characterisation of micro/nano scale fluid films and solid thin films

Brief Summary:

Characterisation of thin films at micro-to-nano scale is essential for the design of reliable micro systems and for further progress in product miniaturisation in many fields, such as microelectronics, micro systems technology, medicine, bioengineering, petro chemistry and the food industry.

Since necessary analysis methods and equipment for routine examination of very thin films or very small liquid amounts were not commercially available, the project developed an automated measurement system for very small forces and torques for rheological and tribological examination of thin solid or liquid films and very small amounts of liquid.

The modular system structure provided for later additions of system components to ensure applicability in a variety of applications. Adapted analysis methods and measuring standards led to an innovative measurement system towards closing the gap in force and torque measuring between.

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Project details:

Framework Programme 5 – Competitive and Sustainable Growth
1 June 2002 to 31 May 2004
Budget: 1.337.603 EUR